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Did Nvidia really buy Xbox from Microsoft? Have you been denied access to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp? And are you going to cover up your video doorbell to participate in National Bell Trek Day? Tweakers collects the best April Fool’s jokes in this overview.

Nvidia acquires Xbox from Microsoft

A huge shift has taken place, writes TweakTown, because Nvidia has officially taken over the Xbox brand from Microsoft. With the acquisition, Nvidia would embarrass Sony with its upcoming PlayStation 6, as the next Xbox console would utilize Nvidia’s next-generation AI and ray tracing capabilities. The new Xbox would be released in 2025, on April 1 of course. The news report has all the ingredients of a sandwich story.

National Bell Pull Day

Many days in the year are dedicated to something. In addition to Easter Day, March 31 was also World Backup Day and the day before that was International Pencil Day. Coolblue apparently thought it was time for a new day, namely National Bell Trek Day.

Because many people have now exchanged their traditional bell for a video doorbell, the fun is no longer available, according to the electronics store. That is why Coolblue offers stickers to stick on the camera of the smart doorbell. With that sticker you let your neighbors know that calling your home is possible, at least on April 1.

Freedom Internet blocks Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

The internet provider is completely done with Meta’s privacy and advertising policy. Freedom Internet has therefore taken the rigorous decision to block the company’s services as of, yes, April 1. From Monday, Freedom customers would no longer have access to the apps and websites of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Threads. That’s not all, because the provider’s modems will also receive an update. All devices within a radius of 50 meters can therefore no longer use Meta’s services, including devices from customers of other providers. Nice idea, but we won’t fall for it!

CERN changes name for 70th anniversary

CERN has existed for seventy years this year and it is therefore high time for a name change, as can be read on the website. The research institute for particle physics in Geneva changes its name to Network of Experiments for Research and Development in Society. That doesn’t sound very meaningful, but the abbreviation ‘Nerds’ and the new logo make it even clearer that it is an April Fool’s joke.

Allianz wants to install driver assistance systems on the roof of cars

Allianz writes that it offers customers the option to remove driver assistance systems, also known as ADAS, from the bumper and place them on the roof of the car. This would ‘dramatically reduce the damage burden on passenger cars’ and the premium could be reduced. The system shown in the attached image not only looks incredibly unbelievable, but also resembles a scanning system for checking license plates, for example to check whether parking has been paid for.

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