Goodbye home button: the new iPhone SE will look a lot like the other iPhones


Leaked photos of of the alleged case of the next iPhone SE show what the device will look like. The biggest change: no more home button. As a result, the fourth generation of the iPhone SE will look a lot like the iPhone 14, iPhone 15 and iPhone 16.

Although the most recent iPhone SE is the only one still with a home button, this will change from the next generation of the model. And that not only means one button less, but also: no more Touch ID fingerprint scanner. So you will have to unlock your new generation iPhone SE with your face – also easy, but still a significant difference.

Also OLED and USB

In addition to the disappearance of the home button, the photos also suggest that the new iPhone SE model will get an additional notch at the top. In addition, the back will remain relatively the same compared to previous models of the iPhone SE. TechRadar writes that the model will have an OLED screen.

Charging the new iPhone SE will be via USB-C instead of Apple’s own Lightning standard. This last change is required by European Union regulations.

When will the new iPhone SE be available for purchase?

The current, third generation of the iPhone SE was released in March 2022. According to rumors, the ‘iPhone SE 4’ would not be launched until 2025.

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