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As a player he has never been called to account for unacceptable behavior in the Premier League, but as a manager he has now. Vincent Kompany (37) risks a multi-match suspension for his inappropriate statements during Chelsea-Burnley last Saturday.

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After a dive by Mudryk, which led to a penalty, he shouted loudly: “F*cking cheaters, f*cking cheaters.” The cry was clearly audible in the stadium and on television. The ref immediately shoved a red card in his face.

The English Football Association FA has now summoned Kompany for “misconduct”. “The manager’s language and behavior towards a match official around the 40th minute was inappropriate and/or offensive and/or called into question their integrity,” the statement said. Kompany will be suspended for a matchday in any case, but has until Friday to respond to the accusations. He has already apologized for his misconduct.

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The Burnley coach has been loudly annoyed by the inconsistency of the referees in England for some time – they are also under fire there. On Tuesday evening, after the draw against Wolves, he was unhappy about an alleged error that led to the equalizer. “The ref was in the perfect position. I was three times further away and even saw that nothing was wrong,” he grumbled.

Kompany received a lot of applause as a player for his fair play, despite 59 yellow and 3 red cards in 12 seasons. Ten years ago he lost his self-control after a red card against Hull City. He makes a zero gesture to the fourth ref and angrily planted his studs on a wall. That attitude did not result in any additional punishment for him at the time.

Of the 7 remaining matches, his trainer is in danger of having to follow some from the stands. Not ideal in the fight against relegation.

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