At least one beer thrower is recognizable in the picture at Oude Kwaremont, association of professional cyclists files a complaint: “There are witnesses and many videos” (Kluisbergen)

At least one beer thrower is recognizable in the picture at Oude Kwaremont, association of professional cyclists files a complaint: “There are witnesses and many videos” (Kluisbergen)
At least one beer thrower is recognizable in the picture at Oude Kwaremont, association of professional cyclists files a complaint: “There are witnesses and many videos” (Kluisbergen)

The investigation into the beer throwers on the Oude Kwaremont is ongoing. “We certainly take it seriously,” says Chief of Police Joost Duhamel. “As a beer thrower you may think that it is not easy to be found in such a crowd. Yet. We have several witnesses. People who have seen it happen and who are not okay with this behavior. There are also many videos showing all kinds of things. We receive videos, and we also actively search for images of the perpetrators. A member of our force has been working on this all the time and we are already seeing results.”

In a video that has gone viral, you see a young man throwing a recognizable beer at Van der Poel. “One person is clearly in the picture,” says Duhamel. “It does take a certain amount of time to prepare a file. But my feeling is that we will get around to finding the perpetrators. People who have thrown beer can also report spontaneously. With us in Oudenaarde or at another police station.”

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“More and more every year”

During the last passage over the Oude Kwaremont, a few idiots threw beer at Mathieu van der Poel. “There was a lot more going on than that,” said a commissioner at the race who wished to remain anonymous.

“Normally we are not allowed to say anything, but in recent years it has become increasingly violent. You don’t know what you’ll see, and not just at Kwaremont. There are idiots on every slope. There is a photo where two young children plus two women have crawled in front of the fences to jeer Van der Poel. Really, how low can you fall. You shouldn’t be in favor of Van der Poel, but then leave him alone. You can only admire such an achievement. I can only advise anyone with such behavior to stay home. We can miss such subjects on the race.”

Belgian association of professional cyclists files a complaint against beer throwers with civil action

The Belgian Professional Cycling Association (BPCA) does not intend to leave the reprehensible facts that occurred during the Tour of Flanders, among others, on the Oude Kwaremont blue-blue.A civil complaint is being filed against those who taunted Mathieu van der Poel with beer, among other things. “It was also loose,” said Bert Scheirlinckx, secretary of the Belgian branch of the CPA (the professional cyclists’ union), which is recognized by the International Cycling Union (UCI). “It shouldn’t just blow over. By filing us as a civil party, an investigating judge must be appointed and we will also be kept informed of the investigation. We want action to be taken against those who spoil the atmosphere for everyone. And that if they have committed criminal acts, they will also be punished for that,” Scheirlinckx concludes. “It cannot continue like this. The International Professional Cycling Association is fully behind us.”

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“I have been working for 20 years and have seen everything change enormously. No, not for the better. Crossing suddenly, crawling over the fences, standing on the street. The team leaders are also getting crazier. Complaining about safety at every meeting, but causing unsafe situations themselves. And saw about every decision. The team leaders should also calm down.”

Beer shower on every slope

“On every slope someone is treated to a beer shower,” our witness continues. “You should definitely try driving along the Oude Kwaremont with open windows. It is a sport to throw beer into an open window. When you’re on a motorcycle, everything happens to you. On Sunday I had beer poured over me plus a flagpole against my helmet. If we had fallen, they would have laughed at us.”

“As a rider, Van der Poel was certainly not the only one who had beer poured over him on Sunday. Others were also thrown. Those who had been unloaded no longer had free passage in certain places. The first ones are over and people think the race is over. Alaphilippe sat stiff from the cold on his bicycle, shivering. What was thrown at him… Trickster was the least bad. Cycling is currently experiencing situations similar to football. Urgent action must be taken to save our beautiful sport. The rotten supporters have to get out.”

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