No Nicky Hayen effect at Club Brugge, which can only avoid a bitter defeat against city rivals Cercle in the final quarter


The change of coach has earned Club Brugge just one point. The score was 1-1 against neighbor Cercle in the final phase. In a better second half, blue and black hit the target three times and deservedly took a point. Overall, Club Brugge also had the best chances.

Based on the number of goal chances, a draw was a correct representation of the game. However, Club seemed to be in the corner where the blows were falling for 82 minutes. Three times the goal post, a goal and a penalty kick were denied after VAR intervention. That was the balance in the final phase. With Skov Olsen’s equalizer, there was VAR again, but this time Bert Put decided that Nielsen had not interfered with his compatriot’s shot.

Interventions Hayen

Nicky Hayen had already intervened before the start of this derby. Ronny Deila’s successor put Skov Olsen, Jutgla, Nielsen and De Cuyper on the bench. At Cercle, Minda was ready to play after his ankle injury and Lemarechal ended up on the bench.

Kevin Denkey made it 1-0

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It was quite a pleasant first half in Jan Breydel. Early in the game Denkey had an opportunity he should never miss. Face to face with Jackers, the top scorer missed his control, allowing the Club goalkeeper to save the day. On the other side, there was an equally great opportunity for Ordonez, who shot a header that was neatly aimed at goal by Thiago from two meters far too high.

We had to wait a while for Nusa, who initially alternated good moments with bad moments. His shot was saved by Warleson. It wouldn’t be the last time. Odoi in turn aimed over. Cercle did it as we know it: with a lot of intensity and running ability. But describing that as the only strategy does violence to the truth. There were quite a few combinations in Cercle football too. Somers shot wide after one of those attacks.

Top scorer scores

Just after half an hour it was the prize. Van der Bruggen kicked a free kick. Utkus narrowly missed the offside behind the Club defense. Whether he attempted a goal himself or passed on Denkey does not matter. The top scorer scored the 1-0 and the VAR ruled that everything was correct. Club started to drift but would still score. A cross from Thiago deviated twice, just like Nusa’s subsequent shot at Lopes da Silva deviated. It seemed to be 1-1, but Thiago was narrowly offside beforehand. Then rest at 1-0.

Vanaken hit the crossbar with a free kick

Photo: BELGA

After the break, with Sabbe replacing the injured Odoi, Club was more decisive. Nusa was now completely loose. Warleson saved a shot from the left winger that hit the post in the restart. It wasn’t over yet because Skoras could live up to his name. There was no scoring because he aimed at Ravych who simply cleared on the line. Nusa again put Warleson to work. The Brazilian saved but was helped by the post. Club Brugge kept coming. Then another cross that Vanaken, not at his best, might have headed better. He passed the ball over with his foot.

The VAR again

Ten minutes later Club was back. In the meantime, Skov Olsen and Jutgla had come to participate. Popovic made a handball and ref Lambrechts pointed to the spot. Unfortunately for Club, the VAR looked at the images again and Lambrechts had to put the ball outside the penalty area. Justifiably. Vanaken hit the free kick against the crossbar. Three times the target wood.

Cercle could not keep this up and in the final phase there was Skov Olsen’s equalizer, an individual action by Jutgla. Blue-black kept pumping. Thiago headed wide and Nielsen hit Warleson’s fists, but the score did not change. Club just keeps its neighbor from Bruges behind in the rankings. Anderlecht comes on Sunday and Cercle has to go to Union.

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