Rotterdam says goodbye to rapper Def Rhymz

Rotterdam says goodbye to rapper Def Rhymz
Rotterdam says goodbye to rapper Def Rhymz
A final greeting from his fans for rapper Def Rhymz

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Fans, family and friends said goodbye to rapper Def Rhymz this afternoon during a well-attended ‘mourning procession’ through the Rotterdam district of Crooswijk.

Def Rhymz (53), real name Dennis Bouman, died last Sunday of heart failure while awaiting a donor heart.

The rapper was best known for his number 1 hits Shake and Doekoe which he scored around the turn of the century.

Large amount of flowers

Bouman was born in Suriname but grew up in Crooswijk. Hundreds of people had gathered there this afternoon to pay their last respects to the singer. The coffin was driven through the neighborhood for an hour and almost disappeared under the large amount of flowers and Surinamese flags that the fans threw on the car.

Family and friends of Def Rhymz said they were organizing the funeral procession to “give everyone the opportunity to say goodbye in an appropriate manner”. There will also be a farewell meeting this afternoon, but that has been closed.


Bouman is buried in his native Suriname. Relatives set up a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this week to pay for the funeral. They raised the target amount of 40,000 euros within 24 hours. This means that not only the funeral takes place in Suriname, but also that the relatives can join us.

Later this year there will also be a concert to celebrate the life and music of Def Rhymz, DJ E-Fortes announces. The DJ has accompanied the rapper musically in recent years.

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