This is ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’, the biggest MCU movie yet

This is ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’, the biggest MCU movie yet
This is ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’, the biggest MCU movie yet

At the end of July we heard from Marvel Studios what the plans are for the coming years: The Multiverse Saga. In this series of articles, we list all the upcoming additions, including when you can expect it and whether it’s in the cinema or on Disney+.

Avengers: Secret Wars (2025)

This sixth Avengers film brings Phase Six and the Multiverse Saga to an end. If the film is even remotely similar to the comics from which the title comes, this may well be the greatest Marvel film yet. What is Secret Wars?
There have been two prominent Secret Wars storylines in the Marvel comics. The first was launched in 1984 and is a collaboration between Marvel and Mattel. 12 issues were created. In the comics, the villain The Beyonder sent our heroes to a planet known as Battleworld. There they get stuck in a (seemingly) eternal battle with various villains.

In 2015 came another Secret Wars, in which Earth-616 as we know it came to an end. Chances are we’re going to see this story. In it, we see The Beyonders attempting to bring the multiverse to an end via Incursions (which take place when universes collide).

The Beyonders do this with the help of Molecule Man, the only person who exists in the exact same context and with the same identity in every world. Its powers, when activated, destroy that universe. But Doctor Doom stops them and rebuilds Battleworld with different universes. Several heroes are drastically changed and eventually the Avengers must fight against God Emperor Doom.

Is this what we’re going to see?
That opportunity is there! In the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Earth-838’s Doctor Strange causes an incursion, destroying his universe and another. The multiverse is also clearly set up already and the Fantastic Four are coming, with which Doctor Doom is presumably also coming.

No director yet
We do not yet know who will all get a role, although it is certain that this will be a lot of actors and actresses. But who is directing the film? The Russo Brothers? Not according to Marvel boss Kevin Feige, but the two did say they could return for a Marvel movie if this is it. So who knows!

Avengers: Secret Wars see you from Nov 7, 2024 in the cinema.

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