Number of cars that pass ANPR cameras halved in five years (Antwerp)



The number of cars driving to the city center via the major approach roads has almost halved in the past five years. This is apparent from the figures from the ANPR cameras on the edge of the low-emission zone. “We see here the effect of our policy towards the modal shift,” says Koen Kennis (N-VA), Antwerp’s alderman for Mobility.

Sacha Van Wiele

Today at 19:03

With the introduction of the low-emission zone in 2017, approximately 95,000 cars per day passed the ANPR cameras in May. That number dropped to 50,000 cars per day in May this year. The general trend is strongly declining. The graph also clearly shows the lockdown during corona in 2020. Then the daily average in March was 30,000 cars.

Antwerp ships Knowledge points out that a car can pass several ANPR cameras per day.

“These figures show that our policy is working and that we are realizing the shift from the car to other means of transport,” says Kennis. “More and more people are riding an electric bicycle or speed pedelec on our cycling infrastructure. There are probably still people who continue to work from home, even after corona. We use the figures from the ANPR cameras to monitor the modal shift in Antwerp.”

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