Investments in dynamically modified atmosphere are increasing

In a very complicated year, Italian Fruit Control Equipments has adopted a number of strategies to meet the needs of all customers. “First of all, since last year we have been contacting our customers to make it clear to them that the delivery times were long and could become even longer,” explains export manager Luca Buglia. “And that’s how it turned out, but this strategy has enabled us to deliver the systems on schedule. We used to be able to deliver between 30 and 60 days for standard systems, now it usually takes 4 months or more.”

Technologies and installations of Fruit Control Equipments

Fruit Control Equipments (FCE) is known for its storage system in a dynamically modified atmosphere. By dynamically adjusting the oxygen concentrations (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), diseases are prevented with this preservation technique.

FCE is an export-oriented company, it realizes about 60-70% of its turnover abroad and it has customers in about 60 countries. Joining Cermac, the consortium for the internationalization of Italian manufacturers of machines and technologies for agriculture and horticulture, confirms this focus on export. “We still see a certain dynamism abroad. In recent months we have received many orders, both from Europe and from Asia, such as India. In Italy, on the other hand, there is less investment and only if there are subsidies. In general, it is about modernizing old installations.”

One of the aspects that is now in the spotlight is the energy consumption of the equipment. “For years we have been looking for ever more efficient solutions and machines that consume less. So we are not going to face the current energy crisis unprepared. For the past year, attention to this aspect has been growing and we have implemented advanced solutions,” continues Buglia.


In addition, lately more and more companies are requesting tools to purify the air in the storage cells. “In this regard, we propose an ionizer (Ionny) that breaks down the bacterial load without leaving residues. The ionized oxygen (O+; O-) interacts with the cell membranes of microorganisms, extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables without contraindications for the environment or for the staff”, concludes the manager.

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