Barbara offers skin care and wellness: “Time to return to my core values”

Barbara offers skin care and wellness: “Time to return to my core values”
Barbara offers skin care and wellness: “Time to return to my core values”

Huidtherapie Zuid Hoogstraten and The Wellness Room were started in the former monastery on the Bredaseweg in Minderhout (Hoogstraten). Barbara Kerckhaert provides treatments in an atmosphere of peace, spirituality and beauty.

The space of Huidtherapie Zuid in Minderhout previously housed a tattoo shop. With an eye for detail, Barbara (38) transformed the interior into a mix of rustic and modern. “I wanted to create a compact retreat, not a large-scale resort,” explains Barbara Kerckhaert. “A place where people are really approached personally. This is a new step for me, with my experience and passion for skin therapy and wellness.” After studying Communication Management in Antwerp, Barbara trained as a skin therapist and wellness expert, including in Spain. “My journey started more than ten years ago with my own business in Antwerp, but I felt it was time for a return to my core values. A franchisee is now at the helm of Huidtherapie Zuid in Antwerp.”

Peace of mind

The treatments at Huidtherapie Zuid are aimed at skin improvement, with deep cleansing, hydration boost and hair boost treatment being the most requested treatments. “We strive for results that make our customers shine,” says Barbara. “The Wellness Room offers deep massages, relaxing (pregnancy) massages and cozy duo massages. We want to pamper not only the body, but also the mind.”

Barbara shares her knowledge by offering training for aspiring masseurs who strive for professionalism under the Wellness Room label. “My passion is to inspire and guide others on their own wellness journey,” she says. “No more overcrowded SME for me, but peace of mind and personal attention for customers are priorities again.”

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