A dip? Red Devil with a past at Anderlecht receives a lot of praise: “Most technical of the entire competition” – Football News


According to certain analysts, Jérémy Doku is in a slump. And it is true that his statistics after New Year’s at Manchester City are somewhat lower than in the first months of this season. Yet he still remains very dangerous and he still has many fans.

The opponents remain terrified of Jérémy Doku’s actions. Yet there was also some criticism among supporters here and there last weekend, after the mediocre top match between Manchester City and Arsenal.

That ended 0-0. Jérémy Doku also failed to spark the match when he came on as a substitute in the last half hour. He hasn’t provided an assist since January and that was in the FA Cup.

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In recent weeks, he has had to start on Pep Guardiola’s bench more often than expected or hoped. And if you cannot expand your statistics, there will be some concern here and there. But Doku remains a player to be reckoned with.

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Content creator Ewan asked which player Gabriel considers the most technical in the Premier League and Gabriel didn’t hesitate. William Saliba was also impressed by what Doku can do: “He is the best, especially in one-on-one situations.”

The danger of Jérémy Doku with his dribbling and acceleration is still very great. By combining several players in the defense, the former Anderlecht player creates a constant imbalance that Manchester City can benefit from.


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