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One of our annual good beauty resolutions? Invest more in Belgian make-up and care products. The range of brands that absolutely deserve a place in our bathroom has only increased in recent years. These Belgian beauty brands are more than worth discovering.


Belgian, affordable and up to date, that is the best way to describe Be Creative Make-Up. ICI Paris XL’s in-house make-up brand responds to the latest trends and offers high-quality make-up and accessories at accessible prices.



Celestetic is a Belgian laboratory for professional cosmeceutical and aesthetic solutions. It was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs with a passion for technological and scientific innovations in the medical and aesthetic world. There is the cosmeceuticals range with facial and body care (serums, creams, scrubs…) and the range for professionals who offer Celestetic treatments tailored to your skin needs.



The Hasselt make-up artist Caroline Rigo launched her own mineral make-up line a few years ago. 100% natural, 100% mineral, 100% pure, 100% hypoallergenic and 100% not tested on animals. In the meantime, Cent Pur Cent products are distributed in numerous pharmacies throughout Belgium and via the webshop. Caroline Rigo also developed the slightly younger I.am.Klean, an equally natural make-up brand with cheerful, often refillable packaging.

cents for cents



It has been a while since lawyers Isabel and Anke quit their jobs to realize their big dream: setting up their own skin care line. Conditions? Developing products that are as fair and organic as possible in an ethical manner. Their creams are mainly composed of natural ingredients from the Himalayas. Isabel and Anke work together with Nepalese partner organizations for the organic cultivation of herbs, such as palmarosa, chamomile and Edelweiss, that are used in the CÎME products.

Cîme Belgian beauty brand care



Do you quickly suffer from allergic reactions or very sensitive skin? Then the make-up products from Couleurs de Noir are probably something for you. The brand uses a strict ‘blacklist’ (hence the ‘noir’ in the brand name) of ingredients that are banned from all formulas. The range is compact but complete and includes all the products you could need for a natural and evening look. We are especially fans of the creamy eye pencils and bronzer brush. Couleurs de Noir make-up is available at pharmacies and online.

couleurs de noir beauty lip gloss



Beauty label Delbôve developed its first creams with a magical touch back in the 1960s. A few years ago, the Belgian brand seemed doomed, until loyal fans, Gina and Sybille d’Ansembourg from Brussels, gave their beloved creams a second life. The crème sorcière is still the brand’s success, which you can discover, as well as the entire range, at Senteurs D’Ailleurs in Brussels, among others.




CBD has found its way to our country, because since 2018 the Antwerp Ganō Care has been using hemp from Switzerland as the basis for its products. The brand offers a combination of skin care, oils and supplements based on the healing powers of cannabinoids CBD, CBG and CBN. The 100% natural skincare with Cannabis Sativa L. extractions hydrate, protect and soothe the skin. At the same time, CBD also has the ability to combat irritations and inflammation. Ganō Care believes in balance: inner balance and the right skincare ensure radiant skin all year round.

gano care beauty cbd



One of the newcomers to the Belgian beauty world is IOAN, the brainchild of Jani Kazaltzis and Jens Fissers. All IOAN products are intended to give you an instant glow. Not just a quick fix, but also long-term skin support. Furthermore, all IOAN products are based on a rigorous research and development process. The self-tanning drops, serum and peeling mask are intended for all skin types and ages. Even the most sensitive skin can enjoy a long-lasting and instant golden glow thanks to a careful selection of effective ingredients.

IOAN tanning drops Belgian beauty brands care



Likami (which means ‘body’ in Icelandic) was launched in 2017 and offers a complete range of cosmetic products for the face and body with the aim of pampering the skin with high-quality botanical ingredients. Iceland and the other Scandinavian countries are the main sources of inspiration for the brand, which makes it a point of honor to develop products with minimalist formulas that guarantee respect for the skin’s pH value and optimal hydration.

likami Belgian brand local care



Behind Maison Éole is Anne-Sophie Charle, the woman who also takes care of the Chant d’Éole family vineyard in Hainaut. She was inspired by the vines for a ‘Natural certified’ and vegan cosmetics line for face and body. Because guess what? The beta-glucans and amino acids in vine shoots have a strong nourishing effect on the skin (beta-glucan hydrates up to 20% more than hyaluronic acid). Together with polyphenols and grapeseed oil you get a rich range that acts on skin aging and hydration.

maison eole care



MAIWE is a Belgian beauty brand that offers clean and natural skin care, formulated with botanical ingredients from the south of Chile. The star ingredient is rose hips, harvested from wild roses in the southern Andes. Founder and bio-engineer Maayke Ruyffelaere develops the products in-house according to the standards of natural skin care, with essential, unprocessed ingredients and innovative plant-based active ingredients. MAIWE believes in a minimalist skin care routine that protects and nourishes sensitive skin. For example, the Rosehip Oil Serum contains vitamins and antioxidants for radiant, hydrated skin.

maiwe belgian beauty



MakeSenz is an eco-conscious skincare brand that protects the skin and respects health and the environment. Sophie Trenteseaux, the woman behind the concept, developed products with at least 98% natural ingredients to improve the effectiveness of beauty rituals without complicating your routine. The range of products can be supplemented with essential oils to address specific skin concerns. Everything is produced locally in Belgium, is vegan certified and carries the ‘slow cosmetics’ label.

makesenz beauty belgian brands Brussels


13. MORO

Under the heading ‘why didn’t anyone think of this before?’: the Belgian beauty label MORO takes a radically different approach to the packaging of soap and body wash. Thanks to compostable powder bags and refillable bottles, you can replenish the same packaging forever. Founders Yasmine and Lorenz want to avoid single-use plastic and unnecessary transport of water with their premium care products. How it works? Using tap water, you can transform the powder sachets into liquid soap at home. Simple, but genius!



Mylène, founded in Heist-op-den-Berg, is best known for its famous home parties that are still very popular today. The Belgian label has a particularly extensive range, from skincare, body care to make-up. All products can now also be ordered online.




In Belgium, Nannic is a noble unknown, but abroad the products have already received several prizes. In addition to solutions to tackle various skin problems, Nannic also developed several high-tech facial treatments that are offered in selected salons. Our favorite product is the tinted lip balm that provides color and care.



No more nail polish up to date and complete is the Belgian ProNails. Creative director Michaël Van de Put translates the biggest catwalk trends into paintable colors and continues to surprise with playful nail stickers and nail art. In the ProNails salons you can get professional manicures and pedicures, while with the PN Selfcare collection you can get started at home.




The Belgian RainPharma initially only marketed nutritional supplements and shakes, later followed by natural care products for face and body, including wonderfully scented shower oils and sunscreens.

rainpharma belgian brand


18. RAY

Ghent pharmacist Hilde Nys wants to offer the highest quality care products for the face and body with Ray. Hilde ensures that all Ray products only contain active and functional ingredients that are good for your health, your skin and our planet. They still develop all Ray products themselves in Ghent. The collection includes shampoo and conditioner with coconut and jojoba oil, as well as baby care and sun protection.


19. LE RUB

LE RUB, founded by brother and sister Kim and Raf Maes, is a Belgian beauty brand that is innovating the suncare world with an ‘all year long’ approach. Their products combine the protection of mineral sunscreen with the light textures and scents of luxury cosmetics, inspired by the love of the sunny, Mediterranean life. With Kim’s expertise in beauty and Raf’s background in branding and design, LE RUB embodies a fusion of fashion, beauty and a conscious lifestyle, driven by a passion for ‘The Good Life’.


20. SELF

In a previous life, Isabelle Ulenaers was a successful clinical psychologist, today she heads her own skin care label. A remarkable career change that came about after Isabelle searched in vain for natural products to properly treat her daughter’s atopic skin. Yet another disappointment in so-called natural products with empty promises, completely fueled the dormant entrepreneurial fire. The plan: create your own 100% natural care line. Self’s products – a reference to how you must always remain true to your true self – contain coconut oil, macadamia, argan oil and shea butter. All creams, body butters and lotions also come in recyclable packaging.

natural self belgian skin care



Xantho, a Belgian brand, has conquered the cosmetics industry with Xanthohumol, a powerful antioxidant six times stronger than Resveratrol. Xantho’s patented formula provides cosmeceuticals that improve hydration by 36% and reduce wrinkle depth by 15% according to clinical studies. In addition, Xanthohumol inhibits the breakdown of collagen and elastin, reduces pigment spots and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The all-in-one products are vegan, free of harmful substances and have a minimal ecological footprint. Founded by Bruno Keeris and Hein Mahieu, Xantho is based on scientific innovation, transparency and sustainability.

xantho beauty


22. Yui Skin

Yui Skin, founded by Belgian chemist Elly Van der Heyden, introduces a unique powder facial cleanser that provides deep cleansing and gives your skin unprecedented softness and hydration. This product combines sustainability with luxury, giving your skincare routine an environmentally conscious transformation.

yui skin belgian beauty brands


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