Brussels has become a squatter city

Brussels has become a squatter city
Brussels has become a squatter city

The toleration of squatters who occupy a building against the will of the owner and – even more so – the failure to execute judicial eviction orders is completely unacceptable. “Why should ordinary citizens have to pay for the government’s failure to provide sufficient shelter or organize a sound return policy? This is not only problematic for the owner of the building involved and the local residents, but also for the squatters themselves, who often live there in inhumane conditions. Apparently the judges are also gradually fed up with the fact that certain mayors categorically refuse to implement judicial decisions for deportation,” says Mathias.


Squatting buildings – often by illegal migrants – poses enormous safety and health risks and causes significant nuisance in the neighborhood. “Tolerating squats is therefore nothing less than culpable negligence. I refer to my anti-squatting plan, which proposes five priority measures that should put a stop to the phenomenon of mass squatting in Brussels,” Mathias concludes.

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