Easter holiday weather in Belgium: warm next week?

Easter holiday weather in Belgium: warm next week?
Easter holiday weather in Belgium: warm next week?

Beautiful spring weather on the terrace. Photo: Henk Voermans

Next weekend it will be quite warm and it will remain dry. You can read exactly how warm it will be and what kind of weather we can expect next week in this holiday weather report.

The changeable weather with showers and sometimes a lot of wind will make way for warmer and dry weather at the end of the week. On Friday, high clouds will move over the country from the west and some light rain may fall. At 15 to 19 degrees it is quite mild.

On Saturday the temperature will increase even further and it will be 21 to 24 degrees. In some places it can even be warm in summer at 25 degrees. There are sunny periods, but there is also some cloud cover over the country. The warm air comes all the way from the south of Europe and also contains quite a bit of Sahara dust. This makes the sun a little less bright. The wind is also blowing harder than you would expect in warm weather. There is a moderate and quite strong southerly wind near the sea.

Heat disappears, but more gently than normal

The prospect of the second holiday week shows less high temperatures. On Sunday it could still be 19 degrees in some places inland, but in many places the temperature is between 15 and 18 degrees. In addition to sun, we can also expect cloudy areas and there could be an occasional shower. After the weekend the chance of showers increases and the afternoon temperature drops to 14 to 18 degrees. This keeps it mild for the time of year and when the sun shines during dry periods the weather is wonderful.

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