Barbara Gandolfi speaks out from the cell: “I try to keep my head up” (Ostend)

Barbara Gandolfi speaks out from the cell: “I try to keep my head up” (Ostend)
Barbara Gandolfi speaks out from the cell: “I try to keep my head up” (Ostend)

Former playmate Barbara Gandolfi (48) has given an update from prison on how she is doing. “I’m trying to keep my head up,” she wrote on Instagram.

Barbara Gandolfi (48) has been behind bars since mid-March as a suspect in a large-scale investigation into human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The Ostend woman, known among other things as a seductress in Temptation island, as a playmate in Playboy and as the ex-wife of the French star actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, was then handcuffed after she went to visit her father-in-law in prison. This has everything to do with her ex-husband Frédéric V. (49), also the father of her children, who is regarded by the West Flemish public prosecutor’s office as a key figure in a broken up prostitution gang. He is said to have lured young women from Eastern Europe to our country and then had them work in a bar or striptease club. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the women were also sexually exploited.

From the cell, Gandolfi gave an update on Tuesday on how she is doing. She did this via Instagram, where she writes that she misses her friends and customers very much. “But thanks to your support, I’m trying to keep my head up,” she continues. “Some days are a little easier than others. Here I take the time to write a lot, and that helps me to process many events from my past.”

Gandolfi says he will come out of this “even stronger than ever” and will prove “that nothing or no one can break us”. She further indicates that she has confidence in the court “that everything will be sorted out in a correct, fair manner”.

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