Sandy Berghs (43) launches crowdfunding for adapted tandem bicycle for son Leandro (14) (Lier)

Sandy Berghs (43) launches crowdfunding for adapted tandem bicycle for son Leandro (14) (Lier)
Sandy Berghs (43) launches crowdfunding for adapted tandem bicycle for son Leandro (14) (Lier)

“Leandro has a mental chromosome disorder, Down syndrome and a mild form of autism spectrum disorder. This makes it difficult for him to assess danger and he cannot read or write,” Sandy explains. “I am always used to giving and find it difficult to ask for help. But for Leandro I want to break that,” Sandy shares.

Test drive

A few weeks ago Sandy and Leandro had the opportunity to go out with a test tandem. “Leandro was completely sold. He was immediately enthusiastic. He then told me: Mom, if we have a bike like that, you can finally take me to school and come pick me up.” For Sandy, who does not have a driver’s license herself, the tandem is the only way to travel with her son. She currently relies on the help of others, such as school bus volunteers.

“When I requested a quote, it was a bit of a shock. Of course, it is not an ordinary tandem, but a modified tandem with electric support, so that he can pedal at his own pace and so can I,” says Sandy.

Financial challenge

As a single mother of three children, including Leandro, a 19-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter, Sandy faces a major financial challenge. “Such a tandem would be perfect, because I can do something with my youngest,” she adds. The costs of the adapted tandem bicycle, almost 5,000 euros, are not feasible for Sandy as a single mother. With a modest start to crowdfunding, she hopes to realize Leandro’s dream.

“It is difficult for me as Leandro’s mother to ask for help. But I gathered my courage. Leandro loves cycling and being outdoors. A tandem would allow us to travel together without constantly worrying about his safety.”


Leandro’s story and his enthusiasm during the test drive has strengthened Sandy’s determination to fund the customized tandem through crowdfunding. “I remember it was freezing that day, but my heart was so warm. He did nothing but laugh on the bike and wave at the people. He was that enthusiastic. As a mother, it melts your heart to see your son so happy.”

She hopes that with the help of others she can give Leandro the greatest gift of his life: the freedom to enjoy the outside world together. “It would be very nice to be able to cycle around with him in the nice weather. Leandro is really looking forward to it,” says Sandy. “When you see how happy you can make your son, as a mother you only think one thing: I have to do this. Now we often depend on the help of others. Thanks to the tandem, we also regain a bit of freedom.”

Leandro (14) loves cycling. His mother Sandy hopes to get one step closer to their dream through crowdfunding. — © rr

The crowdfunding campaign is now live, and every contribution, no matter how small, will be gratefully received. At the time of publication, 23% of the hoped-for amount had already been raised. “We have even received a donation from our Lierse mayor,” says Sandy enthusiastically. “Hopefully we can all work together to give this great gift the best gift of his very tough life,” Sandy adds. You can make a contribution

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