Mad(e) in Antwerp: Antwerp hands for dogs (Antwerp)

Mad(e) in Antwerp: Antwerp hands for dogs (Antwerp)
Mad(e) in Antwerp: Antwerp hands for dogs (Antwerp)

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The Antwerp paw is a variant of the Antwerp hand. Only intended for dogs? Not at all. “They are also edible for people,” says creator Jill Cools. “Initially, the cookies were only tested by humans.”

‘Snack for dogs. Must be supplemented with other food’, is emphatically stated on the paper packaging. But with ground ginger, chickpea flour, natural apple juice, carrot and vegetable oil, the paw is certainly a delicacy for vegans, with or without a dog at home.

Jill, who is currently spokesperson for Alderman Erica Caluwaerts, has a soft spot for Antwerp’s dog community. On dogsofantwerpen she shares stories and tips such as: where can you find the best cafes and swimming ponds to spend time with your four-legged friend? “We couldn’t share the Antwerp hands with our dogs because they contain too much sugar. That’s why I designed the sugar-free paws in collaboration with Doggo Bakery, a bakery for dogs in Ghent. This way we can all enjoy a real Antwerp delicacy together, at or under the table.”

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