Are your neck and shoulders tight? This is how you solve it

Are your neck and shoulders tight? This is how you solve it
Are your neck and shoulders tight? This is how you solve it

We’ve all been there: you’ve been sitting at your laptop for too long or you’ve been lying in the wrong position. The result of this? A stiff neck and shoulders. That’s annoying. This is how you solve it.

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Cool it down

An ice pack is most often used to treat injuries, but it can also help against stiff muscles. It relieves irritation and reduces swelling. This is because cold reduces blood flow to the muscle. Ice can be a temporary pain reliever, which is great if you’re looking for quick relief. Leave the ice on your neck or shoulder for 20 minutes and avoid direct contact between the ice and your skin.

Or warm it up

Heat can also be very nice for your stiff muscles. This actually stimulates the blood supply, which also relieves the pain. You can use a heat compress for this. But taking a warm bath or standing under a warm shower can also be nice.

Try stretching exercises, but be careful

When your muscles are tight, it can be very tempting to stretch. You do this in the hope that it will loosen the muscle again. This is also possible, but we advise you to be very careful with this. If you make too fast and sudden movements, this can worsen the pain. You can perform your stretching exercises at home, and even at your desk at work. For example, you can gently roll your shoulders. Roll them forward first and then backward. You can then also push your shoulder blades together and hold this position for a moment. Then release and repeat the stretch a few times. For your neck you can then slowly move your head from left to right. Bring your ear to your shoulder until your neck can go no further. Again, be very careful with this. You don’t want to stretch too far, because then you are even further away from home.

Try acupuncture

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine in which needles are placed in your body. This relieves stress, pressure and pain. It is a technique that has been used for centuries and it is very safe. It may sound unpleasant, but in our opinion it is definitely worth a try. Booking a massage is the usual solution for neck and shoulder pain. Try something new!

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