What type of magnesium do you need?

What type of magnesium do you need?
What type of magnesium do you need?

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Did you know that magnesium is involved in more than 300 processes in your body? Certainly not unimportant. Magnesium comes in all shapes and sizes, all of which work slightly differently. Find out which type of magnesium suits you best.

A woman needs an average of 300 milligrams of magnesium per day. Every organ needs this mineral, but the mineral is especially important for the proper functioning of your muscles and bones. Furthermore, your brain also benefits a lot from it. It improves your memory, learning performance and concentration. Finally, it can improve your mood, which is of course also a bonus.

Multiple shapes

This mineral can be found in vegetables, nuts, dairy and grain products, but especially in spinach, avocados, bananas and raw cocoa. There are different variants available, with quite a few differences. What exactly it does for your body varies. Which variant is best for you depends on what you find most important and what your body needs most.

1. Magnesium oxide

This is the variant that is most often sold in well-known drugstores. This contains a relatively large amount of magnesium, but be careful, more is not necessarily better. This variant of magnesium is less well absorbed by the body than other forms. You can use this for stomach and intestinal complaints.

2. Magnesium citrate: for your muscles

Do you like to be active and do you exercise a lot? Then magnesium citrate is perfect for you. This variant helps build strong and flexible muscles, stabilizes the heart rhythm and gives you an energy boost. It is also very absorbable, so you don’t need much to be completely fit.

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3. Magnesium taurate: for your brain

Do you sleep poorly? Then this variant is most recommended. Magnesium is combined with taurine. This substance has a calming effect on your nervous system, making you feel more relaxed and sleep better. This also improves your concentration, memory and state of mind, which is of course nice with the sleep deprivation. It is best to take this before going to bed.

4. Magnesium bisglycinate: strong bones and better learning performance

This variant contains glycine and has all kinds of benefits. This ensures strong bones and strong teeth. In addition, you get a better memory, better concentration and it improves your learning performance. It is also best to take this variant before going to bed.

5. Magnesium malate: more energy and stronger muscles

Malic acid has been added here as an extra, which helps convert food into energy. This variant is perfect for your muscles, provides a lot of energy and is even better absorbed by your body than magnesium citrate, but is therefore often slightly more expensive than the other options.

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All types are available through drugstores or online as a supplement or in powder form. Are you still unsure about which type is best to choose? Via this test you get a free recommendation. In any case, there are plenty of options.

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