Corona dashboard finally taken off the air after four years | Coronavirus

Corona dashboard finally taken off the air after four years | Coronavirus
Corona dashboard finally taken off the air after four years | Coronavirus

Almost four years after its launch, the corona dashboard will come to an end on Tuesday. Now that the pandemic is over, fewer and fewer people are visiting the site.

The government used the dashboard to inform people about the COVID-19 outbreak. The dashboard showed, among other things, the number of infections and hospital admissions.

The data behind the dashboard remains available to researchers. In addition, RIVM continues to monitor the spread of the virus, for example by measuring the concentrations of virus particles in sewage water.

Then health minister Hugo de Jonge announced the dashboard in May 2020. His successor Ernst Kuipers wrote to the House of Representatives in December that the dashboard added little and would be taken off the air in April.

“The corona crisis is over and the need for a dashboard that only provides information about corona has decreased,” the government writes on the page where the dashboard was located.

Dashboard expanded further

The dashboard initially only reported the number of positive tests per 100,000 people, the average number of hospital admissions and the number of admissions to intensive care units.

Later, other information was added, such as the reproduction number, which indicated how quickly the virus was spreading. The number of infections among vulnerable people, the number of vaccinations, the number of virus particles in sewage water and the most circulating variants could also be read.

The dashboard also showed the risk level due to corona. The positions were alert, worrying, serious and very serious. Since 2022, the government no longer refers to a risk level, but uses a so-called ‘corona thermometer’.

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