How are intestinal diseases treated? And what if you want to have children with Crohn’s disease? Northwest Hospital pays attention to these and more questions


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How are Crohn’s disease and IBD (ulcerative colitis) treated? How do you deal with the psychological aspects involved? And what if you want to have children and want to become pregnant?

These and possibly more discussion points will be discussed on Saturday, April 6, during an information meeting in the Van Foreest Hall of the Northwest Hospital (NWZ) in Alkmaar. This was initiated by Crohn & Colitis NL and the NWZ.

Patients, partners, family members and other interested parties who would like to learn more about the latest developments in this area are welcome from 9:30 am. The meeting lasts from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Intestinal ultrasound

Gastrointestinal and liver doctor/researcher Suzanne Anjie talks about the intestinal ultrasound for IBD. Fellow doctor Dirk van Asseldonk talks about setting treatment goals.

The intestines in the human body.© Archive photo

Medical psychologist Mariëlle ten Veldhuis gives a presentation about the psychological consequences and gynecologist Joost Velzel concludes with the theme of wanting to have children and pregnancy in IBD.

You can register for (free) participation via or Coffee and tea will be provided, there will be a break and afterwards there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

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