New Swiss watch brand Taos makes ‘hyper exclusive’ watches


Last month, the Swiss watch brand Taos was launched. With their first collection, it positions itself at the hyper-exclusive end of the spectrum.

More than two hundred hours, of which at least a hundred hours of engraving: that’s how much time goes into making this dial. That is the specialty of the Olivier Vaucher studio, which made this dial. This focus on craftsmanship – or as the French say: les métiers d’art – is the starting point of the Swiss watch brand Taos, which was launched last month.

Vaucher is one of the two founders, together with watchmaker Oliver Gaud. They both have many kilometers under their belts in the watch world. Vaucher has been working with his studio for forty years for all major watch houses, including as an engraver, miniature painter, enameler and stone setter. Gaud previously founded the watch brand Oligo.

With Taos they position themselves on the hyper-exclusive side of the spectrum. Their first collection consists of just seven watches, all unique and entirely made in Geneva. Such as this ‘Euphorie’ with ‘émail paillonné’: a technique in which a thin foil (such as silver leaf) is placed between two layers of enamel, creating an almost luminous transparency.

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