Check for ECE-approved motorcycle clothing during the CBR practical exam


In an earlier message it became clear that the CBR was going to adjust the requirements regarding motorcycle clothing during the driving exams for motorcyclists. It now appears that the CBR not only requires that a helmet must also be equipped with glasses or a visor, but from May 1, 2024 the examiner can also check during a motorcycle driving test whether motorcycle clothing is worn and whether it is equipped with ECE quality marks. Striking, because motorcycle clothing is not mandatory in the Netherlands.

In an internal CBR document that has obtained (see images), it can be read that the examiner will inspect the clothing of the motorcycle exam candidate before an exam, to check whether it has been approved as motorcycle clothing. During the reception interview, the examiner will ask the candidate whether his/her clothing is CE certified. Checking this by looking at the inspection labels in the motorcycle clothing is possible. They also check whether the clothing provides sufficient protection in the weather conditions at that time.

The CBR checks the following 3 points:

  • The clothing must be specifically intended for motorcyclists
  • The motorcycle clothing must be provided with protectors
  • The motorcycle clothing must be CE certified

If the clothing does not meet these three points, an examiner may decide that the exam will not take place.

Motorcycle clothing mandatory?

Although the CBR’s position is commendable on the one hand, it is special that requirements are now imposed on motorcycle clothing during the exam for the A driving license, while there is no requirement at all for motorcyclists. In the Netherlands, protective motorcycle clothing must meet the European requirements when sold, (in short) this means that if you sell something as motorcycle clothing, it must also be motorcycle clothing. But, in the Netherlands it is not mandatory for motorcyclists to wear protective motorcycle clothing!


This is indeed the case in a number of other European countries. Now the CBR is demanding more than is legally required, which may be commendable, but is also questionable at the very least. In fact, the CBR must check whether the examinee meets the legal requirements for traffic participation, and not introduce and monitor its own rules, no matter how well-intentioned.

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