There is shit in every book by writer Tosca Menten

There is shit in every book by writer Tosca Menten
There is shit in every book by writer Tosca Menten

Writer Tosca Menten is celebrating her 25th anniversary this year. She performed her performance at the invitation of the Helmond-Peel and Deurne Libraries Stubborn last Thursday morning and afternoon in front of a captivated audience.

“They’re quite dirty, those books of yours,” a journalist once joked to writer Tosca Menten. “Because every book contains poop!” “No!” was her response. But it turned out to be true. So it became the Poop song written. The writer, together with musician and sidekick Mirek Walton, performed this and many other songs in the performance Stubborn. A performance full of stories and music.

Golden Book
Dummie the mummy and the golden scarab is about Goos who suddenly finds a living mummy in his bed. This first part of a whole series has been sold more than 75,000 times. Tosca received a rare award for this in 2023; ‘The Golden Book’. Eleven years ago the writer was in the car on her way to France. “I’m always working, even while driving,” she says. “Suddenly the words come into my head Dummie the Mummy and I shout that out loud. My children, who were sitting in the back, asked who that was. No idea, I said, I still have to come up with that.”

Film adaptations
“Film is always different from the book. I went the first movie of Dummie the Mummy watching and waiting for the best part of the book. That just didn’t happen. And I was so proud of that piece. Dummy learns to ride a bike and runs over his own teacher Leonora Friek. To be precise about her ass! However, the director did not want to set a bad example for viewers. You shouldn’t ride over your teacher’s butt, he thought,” says Tosca. After the song of Miss Friek It was clear that in this case you were allowed to run over this teacher.

Full of anticipation
Tosca’s other books are also worth gold. To read and watch. The film rights to the book Dirkje Bakkes, a boy who lives with his nasty Uncle Griep and Aunt Fop on a nettle plantation has now been sold. Also Miss Pots can look forward to appearing on the silver screen, perhaps very soon. Tosca will play a role in that film. “A small one, because I can’t act,” she says, too modestly. Because the performance had the attention of both children and adults.

[Foto’s; Hélène Ermens]

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