Three dead and ten injured in heavy explosion at Russian embassy in Kabul News

Three dead and ten injured in heavy explosion at Russian embassy in Kabul News
Three dead and ten injured in heavy explosion at Russian embassy in Kabul News

A heavy explosion was heard near the Russian embassy in the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday. According to reports in Afghan media, the explosion happened at a time when many people were queuing for visas in front of the diplomatic post.

Two employees of the Russian embassy were killed in the attack. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow on Monday. “At 10:50 a.m. local time, an unidentified fighter detonated an explosive device in the immediate vicinity of the embassy in Kabul. Two employees of the diplomatic mission were killed in the attack,” the ministry said in a statement. The blast happened just as a Russian official had left an embassy building to call out the names of people allowed to apply for visas.

Perpetrator shot

The assailant was shot by guards. “The suicide bomber was recognized and shot by Taliban guards outside the Russian embassy,” Mawlawi Sabir, the chief of local police told Reuters. At least one Afghan civilian was killed and ten others were injured, according to a Taliban official. According to this source, the terrorist was targeting the embassy.

Diplomatic talks

According to residents, the security services of the Taliban regime have closed the street of the embassy. Russia kept its embassy in Kabul when the Islamist movement seized power again in August last year after the withdrawal of international troops. Although Moscow does not officially recognize the Taliban government, they are said to be in talks about an agreement to supply gasoline and other raw materials to the country.

Since the takeover of the Taliban, the Islamic State terrorist group has carried out several attacks on civilians in Afghanistan.

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