Girl forgets passport and is not allowed to fly, but then something unexpected happens

Girl forgets passport and is not allowed to fly, but then something unexpected happens
Girl forgets passport and is not allowed to fly, but then something unexpected happens


A family from Nottinghamshire has narrowly missed a flight home from Tenerife due to a lost passport. But that was without counting on TUI’s customer service, because suddenly the plane turned around.

Source: Nottingham Post

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Adrian, 38, along with his parents, partner and four children, was at Tenerife airport on Friday, August 26, to catch the 10 p.m. flight from TUI. “I am very organized with passports. I even have a bag for it,” says Adriaan Insley. “But this time my partner said she needed a passport to get something from the duty-free shop. And she then put the passport in the shopping bag.”

“Our flight was delayed and it was very busy as there were three flights before to the UK.” But once he got in line for security, he realized the shopping bag was nowhere to be found. “I panicked because I didn’t know where it was. And then I realized: we are missing a passport.”

Adrian then went to speak to security personnel, who told him that no passport meant that person could not board. “I sent my entire family through security and was left with my seven-year-old daughter because it was her passport that was missing.”

“I didn’t know what to do. Find a place to stay, arrange transport and apply for a temporary passport. There’s a lot that goes into it. And I’m trembling with a seven-year-old daughter who was very upset.”

Right turn

And then the story suddenly took a completely different turn. Because the missing passport was found. Although it was too late to fly as the plane had already left the gate. TUI staff informed Adrian that he and his daughter could join the next flight to Manchester, if there was still room.

“I was impressed with the staff. They were very caring and tried to calm the grandchildren,” said Adrian’s mother Shraron. “They then talked to the captain and asked what was possible in terms of logistics. We were really about to take off. And then the steward asked if we couldn’t just let Adrian come to the gate and pick him up,” she says.

“We have tried to thank TUI, but you can only submit complaints through their portal,” says the woman. “With all the gloom in the travel industry, we just wanted to let you know what exceptional customer service they have given us.”

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