BBC broadcasts interview with wife of Ukrainian president Olena Zelenska: “As you count money, we count victims”

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“Our prices are also rising, but our people are also being killed,” said Olena Zelenska, wife of President Voldomir Zelenski. The Ukrainian first lady gave an interview to the BBC, which will appear on TV on Sunday.

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Continuing to emphasize the human toll of war is what Olena Zolenska wants to do. This is what the wife of the Ukrainian president said during an interview with the BBC in Kiev. The extended interview will be broadcast on the BBC on September 4.

Zolenska was asked what her message is for Britons facing rising energy bills, partly as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “I understand that the situation is very difficult,” said the first lady. “But let me remind you that at the time of the corona crisis there were also price increases, Ukraine was also affected then. Prices are going up here too, but our people are also being killed. So if you start counting the pennies in your bank account, we’ll do the same with our victims.”

Just like us, the UK will also reach its highest point of inflation in decades. First lady Zelenska wants to show understanding, but stressed that it is difficult for people outside Ukraine to understand the impact on the country itself.

Olena Zelenska, who has been married to the Ukrainian president since 2003, spoke to the BBC in Kiev. — © Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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