Inventory released of what was seized at Donald Trump’s resort

Inventory released of what was seized at Donald Trump’s resort
Inventory released of what was seized at Donald Trump’s resort

A Florida federal judge on Friday released a detailed list of everything the FBI found during the search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. The agents confiscated a lot of folders containing documents, gifts, photos and clothing. 48 folders, which said they contained classified information, were found to be empty. So the question is whether everything was recovered.

No less than eight pages long is the inventory of what the FBI agents found in Trump’s resort. Remarkably, for example, 48 folders were found that were labeled as ‘secret’, but contained nothing. The same with 40 folders that said they contained sensitive documents that had to be returned to ‘the chief of staff or military top’. Seven “top secret” documents were found in Trump’s office and eleven of those documents in a storage room. 54 documents were ‘secret’ and 31 documents ‘confidential’.

So it should be clear: the 33 boxes of seized material contain a lot of material that did not belong in Mar-a-Lago at all. Were also in those boxes: more than 11,000 government documents that were not classified. This includes magazines, photos, gifts, clothing and newspaper clippings.


The judge who released the inventory, Ailen Cannon, also ordered the release of a summary report on the progress of the federal criminal investigation into the documents and Donald Trump’s failure to return them, as required, when he left the White House. . It states that the researchers have already looked at the documents for the first time and have attached the necessary labels to them.

“The seized material will continue to be used to advance the investigation,” it reads. “The investigative team will continue to use it, but will also carry out further investigative actions such as additional interviews of witnesses.”

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