Afghan accuses Taliban official of rape in video

Afghan accuses Taliban official of rape in video
Afghan accuses Taliban official of rape in video

In a video posted on social media, a 25-year-old woman accuses a high-ranking Taliban official of rape and assault. The woman has since been arrested.

“He raped me every night. He beat and tortured me every night,” a 25-year-old Afghan medical student testified on social media about her ex-husband and former Interior Ministry spokesman Saeed Khosty. Earlier this year, the student, who calls herself Ereha in the video, was forced to marry him. ‘I didn’t know what to do. He filmed everything and wanted to spread the footage,” she said in tears. The images of her testimony were widely distributed on social media.

By posting the video online, she took a huge risk in the country where the Taliban rules. “After I publish this video, it is possible that no one will see me again,” she said. She felt she could no longer be silent. “It is better to die once than to die a thousand times,” said the medical student.

After the shooting, Ereha tried to flee abroad. She was arrested at a border post near Pakistan and taken back to the capital, Kabul. It is unclear where she is now.


Her video sparked the hashtag JusticeForEleha . According to the NGO Human Rights Watch, this illustrates how women should turn to social media to address violence. “Since the Taliban took power in August 2021, they have systematically reduced structures that can address violence against women and girls.” The NGO finds Eleha’s testimony very plausible and wonders how many similar cases remain under the radar.

Saeed Khosty has already responded to the video. He denies all allegations and says they are now divorced again. Khosty apologizes to the Taliban for marrying without their consent to a woman who “disgraced religious practices and the Holy Quran.”

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