our foreign journalist about Biden’s sharp swipe

our foreign journalist about Biden’s sharp swipe
our foreign journalist about Biden’s sharp swipe

Joe Biden launched a frontal attack on Donald Trump and his supporters Thursday night, which he called “a threat to the country.” The president chose a good moment, according to foreign journalist Maarten Rabaey. “He’s luring Trump out of his tent.”

Thomas BuelensSeptember 2, 202212:11

Biden, in his Philadelphia TV speech, slammed the Republican party and its subservience to Donald Trump. What was his message?

Maarten Rabaey: “Biden said Trump and his MAGA Republicans (Make America Great Again, a slogan that was given an outspoken nationalistic overtone by former President Trump, TB.), as they are called, represent an extremism and threaten the very foundations of the republic. Not coincidentally, he did so from Philadelphia, the birthplace of American democracy.

Biden did make a clear distinction between Trump’s MAGA Republicans, who tolerate or even incite violence, and mainstream Republican politicians and voters. He also commends them because he has always worked well with them. But Biden, like many other Americans, also note that the current Republican party has become Trump’s party. They see that Trump has become even more powerful within his movement and that he is putting forward many candidates for the November 8 midterm elections who only speak his words. That is why Biden also warns against people who blindly walk behind their leaders.”

Why is Biden doing this now? Isn’t he just playing into Trump’s hands?

“The timing of this speech is not coincidental. Midterm election campaigns are set to kick off in full force in a few days. That is why Biden is also calling on people to vote. He wants to attract as many of his Democratic voters to the polls as possible, but he also wants to get independent voters excited to vote for his party’s candidates. He may also succeed. His speech also aims to hope that the Republicans themselves will start cleaning up in their party. That is why he makes that distinction between radicals and moderates within the ‘Grand Old Party’. In effect, he tells their voters: watch who you vote for, a candidate who serves the public interest, and therefore your interest, or someone who serves Trump’s interests.

Biden picked a good moment for his speech. He’s luring Trump out of his tent. He now has two choices. Or he will taunt Biden and the Democrats and persist in his anger — confirming what Biden is saying. Or he will make efforts to show that he is not an extremist. But can he still do that? Trump has done nothing in recent months to prove otherwise, he has continued to add fuel to the fire.”

What are the Democrats’ cards for the midterm elections?

“Biden is also doing this because he sees that the Democrats have a chance to score better than expected in the Congressional elections. Their voters are highly motivated by the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the Roe v. Wade abortion law, as well as by what has come to light during the hearings on Trump’s role in the storming of the Capitol. A recent poll shows that concern for democracy is the main motivation for Democrats to vote. Biden is also driven by this.

“For the House, the election is going to be exciting and we need to see if the Democrats can maintain their majority. But for the Senate, there is now a chance for Democrats to win two more senators. Now both Democrats and Republicans have 50 seats in the Senate. So that would be very good news for them, provided they keep the House. Biden also feared that he would get a House with a Republican majority of Trumpists. Then they just block everything. In fact, Biden is now warning of a blockage on American democracy if people vote for outspoken MAGA candidates in November.”

Meanwhile, Trump said he is inclined to pardon the Capitol stormers if he is re-elected. With that, he hints again at 2024. Will this message become a central part of his discourse?

“A few weeks ago it became clear that the entire Republican party is behind Trump, proving that there is a very good chance that he will run again in 2024. Biden is therefore already bracing himself for Trump as a candidate. The fact that Trump is considering pardoning convicts and defendants before January 6 demonstrates once again that he truly believed that to be a legitimate assault. From Biden’s point of view, he underlines that he is extremist and does not respect the rule of law.

“But it is not yet possible to say whether it will also become his central message. If Trump keeps hammering away at the stolen elections and the Capitol storming, he will certainly make himself popular with his diehard voters, but in the United States you don’t become president if you only play that radical right wing. In that sense it would be very stupid: he would deter much more moderate voters with it. He needs it if he wants to be president. The president is elected by a majority of all Americans, and today it is bigger than the MAGA movement.”

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