Murder weapon still missing in case of murdered doppelganger | Abroad

Murder weapon still missing in case of murdered doppelganger | Abroad
Murder weapon still missing in case of murdered doppelganger | Abroad

A murder weapon has still not been found in the case of a missing young woman in Germany who appeared to have been found dead in her car, until it turned out that it was actually a doppelganger. A search of the area found knives, but none were used to kill the victim. This is reported by the police today.

What exactly happened? Watch it in this video:

It was on the evening of Tuesday, August 16, that the body of a young woman was found in Ingolstadt – in the German state of Bavaria. She was in the car of a missing 23-year-old beautician and at first everyone assumed it was her.

Further investigation and an autopsy raised questions about the victim’s identity. In the end it turned out to be someone who only looked like two drops of water on the missing German-Iraqi Shahraban K.. The latter was arrested shortly afterwards on suspicion of murder, along with a 23-year-old Kosovar.


DNA testing and the identification of the body by a friend revealed that the victim was 23-year-old Algerian Khadidja M.. She came from Heilbronn in the state of Baden-Württemberg, about 200 kilometers away. It is not clear what her relationship to the suspects is.

The victim was killed with dozens of stab wounds. While searching for the murder weapon and other clues near where the body was found, police discovered several knives. “It does not appear that the murder weapon was included,” a police spokesman in Upper Bavaria-North told the regional newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine.

However, the investigation is still ongoing. According to the police, it is currently mainly focusing on the daily routines of the two suspects. Several witnesses have also come forward. Their tips and stories are explored.

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