Popular Youtube star scams followers for 55 million and disappears

Popular Youtube star scams followers for 55 million and disappears
Popular Youtube star scams followers for 55 million and disappears

Natthamon Khongchak, best known on Youtube for ‘Nutty’s Diary’. — © instagram

Where’s Nutty? That is what they are wondering in Thailand, now that the popular YouTube star seems to have fled the country after it was discovered that she had scammed her followers for almost 55 million euros.

Nutty’s real name is Natthamon Khongchak. She is the woman behind ‘Nutty’s Diary’, a YouTube channel with more than 800,000 subscribers, and a self-proclaimed expert in forex (the international market in which currencies are traded among themselves).

Through her YouTube channel, she is said to have invited her followers to deposit money into her account. In return, Nutty promised solid returns to its investors. Those who entered into a three-month contract would receive a 25 percent return, for six-month contracts it was 30 percent and for annual contracts even 35 percent. The returns, Nutty promised, would be paid out monthly.

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In April, however, the first complaints came in. From victims who had not received the promised return. A month later, Nutty stated in an Instagram post that she made a mistake in trading and lost all the money. But she promised she would pay everyone back.

6,000 people scammed

On June 24, when it was announced that she was being charged in two cases, she publicly stated that she could not repay her investors “if she were jailed”.

In total, more than 6,000 people would have transferred money to Nutty, good for a total amount of almost 55 million euros. One victim alone would have deposited almost 500,000 euros, the victims’ lawyer reports.

But now Nutty is suddenly missing. It is suspected that the Thai has fled the country in order to avoid a prison sentence. Whether she really lost the money by mistake or whether she ran off with the money is not clear at this time.

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