Activists bare their breasts for Scholz to denounce Russian invasion


Two activists bare their breasts for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Sunday to demand a gas embargo against Russia. The women had first simply posed with Scholz for a photo. “Gas embargo now” was written on their bodies.

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The two activists took advantage of a government open house this weekend to gain access to the German chancellor. The security forces released the two after their action, denouncing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Germany, which is heavily dependent on Russian gas, has so far been unable to impose a complete embargo on Russian gas. The country is desperately looking for alternatives.

Responding to questions from the public earlier Sunday, Scholz pointed to Berlin’s efforts to find alternative energy sources, such as LNG. The first terminal for this, to be built in Berlin, could be operational as early as 2023. “Then, our security of supply problem could be resolved by early 2024,” he said.

Germany, like many neighboring countries, is preparing for energy shortages next winter.


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