Three dead in avalanche in Switzerland

Three dead in avalanche in Switzerland
Three dead in avalanche in Switzerland

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An avalanche killed three people near Zermatt, Switzerland, on Monday. A fourth person was injured.

Source: BELGA

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The avalanche occurred around 2 p.m. on Riffelberg, outside the ski slopes. Many people saw the snow rushing down, a police spokesperson said earlier in the day. The emergency services had deployed major resources, both on the ground and in the air. The rescue operation was stopped during the evening. Three deaths were reported.

Due to heavy snowfall and strong winds in the south of the Alps, there was a clear avalanche risk. “We can expect large to very large avalanches,” the SLF (Schnee- und Avalanche Research) institute for snow and avalanche research had indicated.

The police therefore do not understand why skiers still take such great risks and venture off the ski slopes – such as in Zermatt.

Last month, five skiers from a family died in the Swiss Alps. A sixth, a woman, is still missing. According to the mountain rescue service, they also took too many risks by ignoring storm warnings.

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