Putin promises more military victories in Ukraine: “Scum will be swept away” | War Ukraine and Russia

Putin promises more military victories in Ukraine: “Scum will be swept away” | War Ukraine and Russia
Putin promises more military victories in Ukraine: “Scum will be swept away” | War Ukraine and Russia

Vladimir Putin (71) is determined to ensure more military victories in Ukraine. The Russian president said this during an election rally. “Scum that has always been there is being swept away little by little,” Putin said. Presidential elections will be held in Russia in mid-March. Right now, Putin has only one challenger.

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Putin sat yesterday with his campaign leaders and followers. When asked about the Russian military’s operations in Ukraine, the president emphasized the need to push back the ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. After all, Russian territory must be protected against the Western long-range missiles that Kiev uses “to attack peaceful cities,” it said.

According to Putin, the Russian army will do everything it can to push back the Ukrainians and prevent attacks against Russia. “That is the main motivation for our men who fight and risk their lives: to protect the motherland and our people,” he said.

Putin during the election rally. © REUTERS

“Scum is swept away”

“Russia is forced to defend its interests, including by military means,” Putin continued. The president claimed that even at the time of the meeting, the Russians were making progress on the outskirts of Avdiivka. The city, located in eastern Ukraine, has been the epicenter of the war for months.

“We are in a very difficult and important period in the development of our country,” Putin said. “Scum that has always been present is being wiped away little by little,” it said.

The presidential elections in Russia will take place from March 15 to 17. Putin, who has been in power since 2000, currently has only one challenger: 60-year-old Boris Nadezhdin. Nadezhdin openly criticizes Putin’s policies and is an outspoken opponent of the war in Ukraine. Yet it is almost certain that Putin will be re-elected again and remain president of Russia for at least another six years, until 2030.

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