Influencer has difficulty eating and drinking due to extremely large lips | Bizarre

Influencer has difficulty eating and drinking due to extremely large lips | Bizarre
Influencer has difficulty eating and drinking due to extremely large lips | Bizarre

An Austrian influencer is getting a lot of attention thanks to her extremely large lips. These provide Vienna Würstl with thousands of followers, but also with practical problems. The woman has difficulty eating and drinking. Still, she is proud of her lips. “I want even bigger ones.”


Nov 13 2023

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13-11-23, 22:47

Vienna Würstl’s full lips are not natural. The trans woman underwent several treatments with lip fillers. In one of her videos, the woman says that she pumps about 15,000 euros into her lips every year. The effect of lip fillers diminishes over time, requiring a ‘touch-up’ or new treatment.

The trans woman also underwent other cosmetic procedures. She had her breasts and buttocks enlarged, and her cheeks and forehead overhauled. Yet she mainly attracts attention with her lips.

On social media she presents herself as a somewhat unusual appearance. The Austrian, who lives partly in Vienna and partly in Mallorca, has 27,000 followers on TikTok. On Instagram there are 6,000. They are attracted – or repelled – by her full lips.

“Plastic fantastic”

The woman, who calls herself “plastic-fantastic”, does experience some problems. For example, she admits in her videos that drinking water has become “a challenge”. “I am almost more lips than person,” she says. She doesn’t have an easy time with food either, although it’s not too bad, “as long as she eats something soft.”

Despite the many criticisms the woman has to swallow – “you look like a duck” – she is proud. She wants to encourage others to have confidence in their appearance. Many followers and social media users wonder if she is taking any health risks. But then Vienna Würstl emphasizes that its plastic surgeons are “professional and highly qualified”. “So yes, I’m safe.”

The woman is already making plans for new cosmetic procedures. “I want even bigger lips,” she says. And next year she plans a Brazilian butt lift and nose job.

Controversial figure

The woman receives both support and criticism on social media. “Vienna Würstl has become a controversial figure who is fueling debate about beauty standards, the impact of social media on body image and the possible consequences of extreme cosmetic procedures,” writes ‘BNN Network’. “Her story invites us to “think about the multifaceted aspects of identity, individual freedom of choice and the search for self-development in today’s and digitalizing society.”

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Vienna Würstl shows her full lips and dreams of even bigger ones. © Instagram

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