Ukrainians in Gaza cannot escape violence: “We end up from one war to another” | Israel-Palestine conflict


Most foreigners evacuated from Gaza can count on safe shelter in their homeland. But some, like Ukrainian Tatyana Tapalova, are not so lucky. The young mother is afraid to return to Ukraine, where the situation is currently not much better than in Gaza. “I don’t want to go from one war to another,” says Tatyana.

Yesterday, the United States announced that Israel will now implement four-hour humanitarian breaks in northern Gaza every day. During these pauses in combat, civilians can be evacuated safely. Washington called the decision “a step in the right direction.”

Foreigners, dual nationals and injured people are evacuated from the Gaza Strip via the Rafah border crossing – which connects Gaza with Egypt. The evacuations started on November 1 and since then several hundred people have been able to leave the conflict area.

Ukrainian Tatyana Tapalova at the Rafah border crossing. © REUTERS

“From one war to another”

Most foreigners fleeing the Gaza Strip want to return to their homeland as quickly as possible, far away from the war. But the Ukrainian Tatyana Tapalova has long given up that hope. In an interview with the news agency ‘Reuters’, the young mother says that she is afraid to return to Ukraine. “I don’t want to end up from one war to another,” he sounds concerned.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, 89 Ukrainians have so far been brought from Gaza to Egypt and efforts are underway to get the rest of the citizens home. “It is very important that we protect as many civilians as possible and that the war in the Middle East does not result in a complete collapse of international stability,” the president said recently. “Everyone needs security and peace,” he concluded.

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