Man finds human skull among Halloween items in antique shop

Man finds human skull among Halloween items in antique shop
Man finds human skull among Halloween items in antique shop

In Florida, an anthropologist has made a striking discovery in a thrift store. While shopping he found a human skull among the Halloween items, he writes The Washington Post.

The owner of Paradise Vintage Market, Beth Meyer (61), had already put the skull up for sale in the Halloween department last month, along with a lot of other rarities.

The object was still in the display case when a man walked into the thrift store on Saturday to do some shopping. He was immediately fascinated by the skull, which he says is “very real and very old.” The anthropologist also told Meyer that the skull probably belongs to a Native American.

Against the The Washington Post Meyer tells me that she suspected it was a real skull, since she often works with fossils. She gave the skull a price tag of $4,000, because she was sure no one would buy the gruesome Halloween decoration. However, she had “no idea it could be a Native American skull.”

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Not a suspicious situation

Meyer, together with the anthropologist, contacted the police, who then came to look at the skull. Florida law prohibits the sale of human remains, but this is not strictly enforced. In this case, the officers quickly determined that it was not a suspicious situation.

The skull has now been taken to the local pathologist for further examination. If it is indeed a skull of a Native American, it will have to be handed over. The law requires that human remains of ‘native Americans’ must be returned to descendants.

Garage box

Meyer found the skull last year in a garage that a sick man had sold to her with the promise that it would contain many stones. “That is my specialty,” said the woman. However, instead of stones, she found a pile of rubbish, among which was the skull. She ultimately decided not to display it in the store until Halloween this year.

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