Woman who has refused to pay rent for 575 days has now been evicted from the guesthouse of a luxury villa in LA | Abroad

Woman who has refused to pay rent for 575 days has now been evicted from the guesthouse of a luxury villa in LA | Abroad
Woman who has refused to pay rent for 575 days has now been evicted from the guesthouse of a luxury villa in LA | Abroad

55-year-old Elizabeth Hirschhorn was escorted by the Los Angeles Police Department on Friday from the guesthouse of the luxury villa where she had moved into in September 2021. The Daily Mail reports this. Hirschhorn managed to stay at the estate in the wealthy Brentwood district of west LA for 575 days without paying rent. Her lawyer denies the deportation and says Hirschhorn will come back.

The luxurious villa in Brentwood, worth around 3.3 million euros, has been owned by Dutchman Aleksandar Jovanovic (61) since 1995. He decided to rent out the guesthouse through Airbnb in 2019. Elizabeth Hirschhorn had initially booked a six-month stay at the guesthouse and agreed a price of more than 19,500 euros with the owner. Because repairs had to be done after four months, she was allowed to stay a little longer. But when that term also expired, she simply stayed put. The reason why ‘the tenant from hell’, as she was called by Jovanovic’s lawyer, is said to have cited, among other things, the corona pandemic and a shower without a building permit.

According to Hirschhorn, a Harvard graduate, Jovanovic was not allowed to rent out the guesthouse in Brentwood, so he could not charge rent or evict her. The Dutch owner tried to get Hirschhorn out of his building through legal means, but the tenant would not budge and filed a complaint against the man herself. She demanded a cancellation fee of 100,000 dollars (almost 94,000 euros). The woman is said to have previously exceeded her lease term in Oakland, also in the state of California. She was deported there two months before she came to Los Angeles in September 2021.

Jovanovic’s luxurious guesthouse. © Los Angeles Times via Getty

On Friday, Jovanovic saw the woman carrying boxes from the guesthouse to a white van with three men, according to the Daily Mail. Owner Jovanovic called the police, who he said escorted Hirschhorn from the estate. Jovanovic told the Daily Mail that he was “relieved and also a bit overwhelmed.” “It’s been a long time coming, but now she’s finally out!”

Yet both parties still disagree on whether Hirschhorn left voluntarily or not. Jovanovic immediately had the locks replaced after her departure, but according to the woman’s lawyer, it is not true that the police escorted her from the property. Photos clearly show that the LAPD was present during the move. The lawyer added that Hirschhorn planned to return to the Brentwood villa.

Hirschhorn accuses Jovanovic of constant harassment and that he was watching her the entire time. Therefore, she would have moved to another location. According to the lawyer, Jovanovic was not allowed to assume that his tenant had permanently left the building and he was also not allowed to change the locks. Jovanovic’s lawyer claims that Hirschhorn is no longer welcome and that it is now up to her to go to court.

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