Zelensky: “Russian warship Askold destroyed” | Abroad

Zelensky: “Russian warship Askold destroyed” | Abroad
Zelensky: “Russian warship Askold destroyed” | Abroad

The Russian warship Askold is destroyed at the Kerch shipyard. This is what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claims during his daily message on social media. “I thank everyone who contributed to this,” he said.

Ukrainian forces carried out the attack on Saturday evening in the Crimean port city. The peninsula was annexed by Russia in 2014, but Zelensky is determined to reclaim the area.

The president also spoke out against a new presidential election. “This is not appropriate now,” it said. “All resources must go to our victory over Russia. We all understand that in times of war it is absolutely irresponsible to throw such a theme frivolously and playfully into society.”

It is generally expected that the elections will be canceled at the end of March. However, there are also some negative voices.

The parliamentary elections at the end of October had already been canceled due to martial law. There was speculation in Ukrainian media about changes in the law that would make presidential elections possible even in times of war. Zelensky has been president since May 2019.

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