Biden has to hand over five swing states according to polls


November 5, 2023
Today at
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One year before the American presidential elections, the polls for Democrat Joe Biden are devastating. His rival Donald Trump takes the lead in five critical states.

US President Joe Biden is taking a beating in a New York Times poll. With one year to go before the elections, he is ahead of Republican ex-president Donald Trump in five of the six most important swing states that gave him victory in 2020. He is losing ground mainly among young people and minority groups, according to the NYT.

Trump is also in the lead in other polls. Trump now leads in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Biden, who defeated Trump in all those states in 2020, is left with only Wisconsin, the polls show. These states are crucial to being re-elected next year. Trump now leads by an average of 48 percent to 44 percent.


Kevin Munoz, Biden’s campaign spokesman, tried to put the importance of the polls into perspective a year in advance. “We’re going to win in 2024 by working hard, not by panicking about a poll.” He gave the example of former President Barack Obama, who faced a crushing defeat but was ultimately easily re-elected a year later.

But according to strategist David Axelrod, who led Obama’s victorious 2012 campaign, the Democratic camp now has reason to be “rightly concerned.” “If Biden stays in the race, he will become the Democratic party’s nominee. He has to decide whether that is wise, and whether he does it in his own interest or in that of the country,” he says on X.

One of the aspects that bothers Biden, who will turn 81 in three weeks, is his age. According to the NYT poll, 71 percent of voters think he is too old to be a good president. Trump, who at 77 is only three years younger, carries with him the reputation of being very elderly much less than Biden. His age is much less of an issue for voters, it appears.

Furthermore, Biden is losing voters due to his approach to economic policy. Despite the fact that the American economy is resilient according to observers, voters do not experience it that way. 59 percent of voters have more confidence in Trump’s approach, while only 37 percent trust Biden’s approach. In an earlier poll, a majority of respondents said that tackling the economy will be decisive at the voting booth on November 5, 2024.

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