‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth blinds the mind’

‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth blinds the mind’
‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth blinds the mind’

“Hamas’ terror and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s state terrorism are essentially communicating vessels. Both sides need the other’s misdeeds to legitimize their own atrocities,” writes Jean-Marie Dedecker.

Speaking or writing about Israel is clog dancing on a table full of eggs, not a tap dance but a saber dance. In order not to be immediately accused of anti-Semitism or even Islamophobia, it is advisable to wrap your words in a quote from a witness who is above all suspicion, such as the Dutch Jewish cartoonist Ruben L. Oppenheimer: ‘On my last visit in 2012 I said: I will never come here again. As a European Jew, I did not feel welcome. It is an apartheid state and there is an abject regime. But when 1,300 women, children and innocent partying young people are slaughtered, I don’t have to Yes but. I couldn’t turn the switch as quickly. But from the next day, only deaths occurred in Gaza. This is not a conflict either, but rather one-sided: those civilians are in Gaza as sitting ducks. The international community is doing next to nothing,” he stated The standard.

Ten years earlier during the Intifada, I also visited Sabra and Shatila, and Gaza, the largest open-air prison in the world. The images still remain in my memory as the most depressing places I ever visited in a civilized country. The demographic time bomb has exploded again.

Hamas’ terror and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s state terrorism are essentially communicating vessels. Both sides need the other’s misdeeds to legitimize their own atrocities.

Hamas has turned Gaza into a theocratic slave state for its own residents, a cooperative of malice that engages in acts of terror and martyrdom. Its Islamic slavers form a corrupt elite that wallows in luxury and commands from foreign places, from Qatar to Jordan. Her religious slaves are given too much to die and too little to live, deprived of work, decent healthcare, education and dignity. They are kept in permanent rage and brainwashed with the transcendent belief in the afterlife and in an avenging God. Allahu Akbar, with Islamism and jihadism as accelerant. They are condemned to dependence on a corrupt benefit economy and permanent foreign aid. Gaza is locked down by two oppressors, an Israeli colonizer and a terrorist dictator. But anyone who locks people in a cage and treats them like animals should not be surprised that sooner or later they behave like animals..

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“The atrocities of October 7 did not occur in a vacuum,” said Antonio Guttierez, Secretary General of the United Nations. He was promptly accused of anti-Semitism, but blamed a 75-year festering burn. There is historical causality. Ethnic cleansing has been going on in Palestine since 1948. In 2013, then Secretary of State Eli Ben Dahan said in the Times of Israel about the Palestinians: “To me they are like animals, they aren’t human”. Two years later he added “Palestinians have to understand they won’t have a state, and Israel will rule over them” In June last year, Israeli State Secretary Matan Kahana said “If there was a button that could be pressed, that would remove all the Arabs from here, and send them on an express train to Switzerland…I would press that button”. Yoav Gallant, the current ultra-Orthodox Minister of Defense then threatened to bomb Lebanon into the Stone Age. Today it is Gaza’s turn for the sixth time. In 2014, Israel invaded, killing 2,205 Palestinians, including 1,471 civilians (501 children and 257 women), compared to 66 Israeli soldiers and 4 civilians.

In violating the most basic human rights, both desert religions are equal in backwardness and cruelty. A biblical festival of blood and tears. The more blood on the wall and on the barbed wire, the deeper the faith. Synagogue and temple, bloody baths and prayer houses of militant gentlemen who bash each other’s brains in with heavy crucifixes. Some, with Torah in hand, claim the Biblical right to a chosen land for a chosen people. The others fight a holy battle of terror for a bleak desert soil and an anti-colonial battle to preserve their own nation state. The Palestinians are paying the price for the Western sense of shame about the Holocaust. They are pariahs in their own Islamic universe, not welcome anywhere, relegated to the lazy stray cats of the Arab world and ostracized by the mundane Western world. Cornered cats make strange jumps.

Just as I do for IS soup-jackets and jihadis who commit terrorist attacks in the West, I have no problem with barbaric Islamic beards, who murder, hostage and torture innocent Israeli civilians, and abuse their own civilians as human shields, being hung up on the tallest olive tree. But principles are essential when dealing with barbarians.

Those who give up their values ​​to defend them have nothing left to fight for. I will never understand that the Jewish people, who have been victims of genocide and pogroms for centuries, who were themselves imprisoned and murdered in ghettos, are now starving and killing innocent children (while they cannot even hide or flee). , who ruthlessly shoots at ambulances and turns hospitals into morgues. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, blinds the mind.

“Evil is caused by ordinary people who hand over their moral compass to those in power, causing them not only to lose their critical powers but also to lose their compassion for their fellow man,” wrote the Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt. She called the Zionist belief that all non-Jews are anti-Semites and that everything and everyone is against the Jews flat racist chauvinism. In her “Jewish Essays,” Arendt wrote that the theory of separation between Jews and all other peoples, who were to be classified as enemies, was no different from other Herrenracetheories. Hannah Arendt knew the banality of evil.

The only way to achieve a peaceful society is the two-state solution. Each has its own sandbox. But that solution is also being systematically destroyed. The nationalist fundamentalists led by Netanyahu, who seek to abolish even their own democratic institutions, want only the total subjugation or expulsion of their Palestinian second-class citizens. The West Bank, where the Palestinian Authority, not Hamas, exercises power and which has recognized Israel’s right to exist, is continuously colonized with illegal Jewish settlements, where it is said to already be home to 670,000 Zionists.

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The dehumanization of the opponent is fed through the breast milk by the extremists on both sides. Children are raised in their own mono-ethnic castle tower with their own intolerant religious concepts. The Jewish-American political scientist Barak Mendelsohn stated after October 7 that the https://twitter.com/BarakMendelsohn/status/1718671944885600580and Israeli human rights activist Yehuda Shaul talks about Jewish terrorists.

The Wall of Shame is literally and figuratively getting higher and higher. Instead of standing at the Wailing Wall and kicking everyone’s conscience, the entire Western world – with Germany in the lead – looks the other way in fragmented indignation because of an incessantly cultivated guilt complex for the Holocaust.

You may accuse me of racism, anti-Semitism or Islamophobia, but for every stray cat with bald spots in its fur, there is always a bowl of milk ready in my heart, no matter who she worships, Yahweh or Allah.

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