Tomorrowland unveils mosaic staircase ‘Stairway To Unity’ in De Schorre: “A great added value in the park” (Antwerp)


It will take a while for the real festival, but those who arrived on the plateau in De Schorre between six and seven already got a small taste of the ‘madness’ that ‘The People of Tomorrow’ will experience this summer: pumping beats and cold. drinks in a fairytale decor. For many it turned out to be the ideal afterwork. The festival atmosphere was already well established.

However, the more than two hundred attendees did not come to Boom to dance, but to be the first to catch a glimpse of the new and third festival-related artwork ‘Stairway to Unity’. Those who inquired in advance could find out a few things, but it had to wait until just after seven for the official unveiling.

Visitors reacted enthusiastically to the unveiling. † © Patrick De Roo

Visitors swarmed down the pit and positioned themselves in front of the large red cloth that covered the side of the pit. The supporting music was reminiscent of the Efteling, but succeeded in its goal with distinction: building up the tension.

Atmosphere of the unveiling.

Atmosphere of the unveiling. † © Patrick De Roo

After everyone had arrived, a dozen elves removed the red cloth from the stairs in a tightly coordinated dance. The show ended with the necessary pyrotechnic material. Those in attendance almost forgot why they had come here, but the loud applause betrayed their enthusiasm. Little by little the crowd ascended the stairs. Some took extensive time for a photo.

The show ended with a pyro show.

The show ended with a pyro show. † © Patrick De Roo

So are local residents Eline, Julie, Liam and Vince. “It is really beautiful, an absolute added value in the park. We received the invitation in the mail and didn’t really know what to expect. We are delighted that it turns out to be a new work of art. Whether the mosaics will still look so beautiful after three weekends of the festival, is of course the question,” laughs Eline.

Eline, Julie, Liam & Vincent.

Eline, Julie, Liam & Vincent. † © Patrick De Roo

A valid consideration. The staircase has a total of seven hundred square meters of mosaic with more than five million hand-carved stones. The result of a collaboration between the creative team behind the festival and internationally renowned mosaic artists. In total, the work took about 15,000 working hours.

People take extensive time for a photo.

People take extensive time for a photo. † © Patrick De Roo

“Stairway To Unity symbolizes mother nature and mother earth coming together. We put a lot of color in it and gave people the opportunity to put messages on it. We want to bring the world together and, as always, send out a positive message, which also explains the name,” concludes spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen. (lava)


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