Henny Huisman: ‘Peter Gillis is a fake fat man’

Henny Huisman: ‘Peter Gillis is a fake fat man’
Henny Huisman: ‘Peter Gillis is a fake fat man’

Henny Huisman is tired of seeing Peter Gillis on television with his reality series Mass is Kassa. He doesn’t understand why someone like Peter gets such a big stage. “He’s a fake fat bastard.”

Peter Gillis has been under quite a lot of fire lately. First because his holiday parks are a dirty mess, and then because he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend Nicol. Yesterday there was another new issue: he will not get a permit for a holiday park because there is a risk that Peter will misuse that permit for criminal purposes.

‘That fat man Gillis’

Yet Peter can still be seen weekly in his reality series Mass is Kassa and a ninth season has been announced. Henny Huisman does not understand this at all. In conversation with Nieuwe Revu he says that he finds it disgusting to look at Gillis.

,,That fat man, that Peter Gillis. He plays the boss. He just wants to show that he has the upper hand: this has to be this, it has to be this way. But as a boss, he must set the best example himself, then you are a good boss,” says Henny.

Bad example

And that’s exactly what Gillis doesn’t do, according to Henny. ,,He can’t help looking like this, well, a little bit, but he’s a boss and he sets the worst example himself. If you let it go down yourself, you can’t demand perfection from your staff.”

Henny also calls the reality star fake and he much prefers to watch Martien Meiland, Gillis’ competitor. “He is completely himself. Of course it plays extra fun when the camera is rotating, but everyone has that. But the kind of man we see at Meiland is him. You may or may not like that, but it’s not fake.”


Many Gillis fans are also getting tired of him since Nicol’s abuse came out. “Several men had to go through the dust because they mistreated their wives. You too Peter! You should be boycotted like everyone else and not be asked for anything again,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

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