Mexican drug trade, Johnny Cash’s first wife and a tearjerker

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Steven Soderbergha won an Oscar for this film about the drug trade between Mexico and the United States. Three stories are expertly intertwined, each with its own visual style. But much more than an informative film, this is above all a gripping drama and an exciting thriller.

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‘My Darling Vivian’Image VRT

‘My Darling Vivian’

The biographical film ‘Walk the Line’ – named after a song dedicated to her – painted a rather unflattering picture of Vivian Libertothe first wife of Johnny Cash. In the documentary ‘My Darling Vivian’, director Matt Riddlehoover to restore her image.

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UEFA Nations League: Belgium – Wales

Tonight our Red Devils play their fifth UEFA Nations League match against Wales in their own country.

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‘Zembla: sick of windmills’

Not only high-voltage power lines could make people sick, windmills could also have an influence on the health of local residents. ‘Zembla’ finds out whether this is possible.

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‘The Fault In Our Stars’Image AP

‘The Fault in Our Stars’

An effective tearjerker where Shailene Woodley Hazel plays, a girl with cancer, and in a support group Ansel Elgorts character Gus, a boy with a prosthetic leg. And so begins their teenage romance and our tears.

At 20.35 on VTM 3

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