Baudet not in Room, but on TV, ‘woman about to give birth’

Baudet not in Room, but on TV, ‘woman about to give birth’
Baudet not in Room, but on TV, ‘woman about to give birth’

Baudet did speak yesterday. In doing so, he cited theories about the ‘destruction’ of society and international collusion against ‘real people’, and praised the Russian government as an example for ‘a strong sense of national identity, with a realistic approach to foreign policy and a virile, male leader against whom the effeminate, often sexually deviant politicians of the West stand out.

Cabinet walks away

When he said that a department of Oxford University where Sigrid Kaag studied “is in fact little more than a training institute for Western secret services”, the cabinet walked away and was cut off from the floor. Watch that moment back here:

“There are limits and I have to guard the limits of my integrity,” said Minister Sigrid Kaag after the incident. “This is my limit. I will not allow myself to be put away in that way by anything and anyone. Not even in the parliament where I am a guest.”


Kaag gets a lot of threats. She has been under extra security since June. Stories like this don’t make it any better, she says. Her family is also concerned about her and fear that something will happen to her.

The D66 minister appreciated that the rest of the cabinet also left the room. “I feel enormously supported by the cabinet,” she said after midnight after the debate. Watch the interview here:

‘Alt-right conspiracy theory’

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is “extremely happy” that the cabinet resigned when Thierry Baudet attacked Sigrid Kaag. “What happened here last night was to throw an alt-right conspiracy theory into the House about a colleague of mine in the cabinet, with all the risks that this entails for security, for further inciting population groups,” he said today.

“This went across all borders”. Rutte says that the cabinet therefore spontaneously decided to resign when they saw that Kaag no longer wanted to hear the story. “When she got up, we looked at each other and said: we won’t let her leave alone. Then we leave as a team, and I’m very happy that we did.”

live stream

The House of Representatives let Baudet speak earlier than he was actually planned because of his heavily pregnant wife. Whether he will be absent all day today is still unclear, but at least he will not be speaking.

The second day of the reflections can also be followed today via this livestream.

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