Delta with television one step closer to Ziggo and KPN

Delta with television one step closer to Ziggo and KPN
Delta with television one step closer to Ziggo and KPN

Delta Fiber is modernizing and upgrading the IPTV platform at its own service provider Delta. This ensures a better competitive position with Ziggo and KPN.

Jarco Kriek

September 21, 2022

Delta has completed its phased rollout of adding Dolby Digital audio to TV channels where this superior audio standard is available. The provider will let you know on its own internet forum. “Today we turned on Dolby Digital for Al Jazeera International, MTV Live HD, ID, NPO 2, SBS6 and RTL 7. These were the last channels with Dolby Digital,” said a Delta engineer. The next project has now been announced. “As regards audio, attention is now shifting to the rollout of other audio options, including Spoken Subtitles (GOS) for the NPO channels.”


Earlier it leaked that Delta is working behind the scenes with the addition of 4K content to Interactive TV. By making the TV platform more mature, Delta wants to compete with Ziggo and KPN in a better way. These two largest TV providers in the Netherlands also have the two best TV services of all Dutch providers. Especially now that Delta Fiber has the ambition to increase the number of fiber optic connection points to more than two million in the next three years, a high-quality TV platform is becoming even more important.

How do you turn on Dolby?

You turn on Dolby by zapping to one of these channels and pressing the “OPT” or “SUBS” button on the remote. There is also a Dolby logo visible in the bottom bar for recognition. Switching between stereo and Dolby can sometimes take a few seconds.

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