Celine Dion makes comeback: coach in French Idols

Celine Dion makes comeback: coach in French Idols
Celine Dion makes comeback: coach in French Idols

Celine Dion is finally making a big comeback two and a half years after giving her last concert, which took place on March 8, 2020. Most likely she will soon be seen as a coach in the program Star Academy, the French version of Idols.

Seeing Celine Dion in concert: many gave up years ago. The famous singer has been in trouble for years and last November she had to cancel her big show in Las Vegas due to medical problems.

‘Her body stopped working’

“Celine has severe and persistent muscle spasms that prevent her from performing at her best. Her medical team continues to examine and treat her,” the statement said.

Her sister Claudette explained more in the French magazine Paris Match. Celine has asked too much of her body lately. It’s always the same: she demands an awful lot of herself. Her body stopped working,” she said. In addition, the age of the singer played a major role. “The hormonal changes it brings don’t help either.”


Claudette indicated that Celine needs to rest, but that “nothing serious” is going on and that she would like to be back on stage. And Celine seems to be living up to that, because according to the French magazine Voici, she will not only return on stage, but also on television.

“Nothing has been signed yet, negotiations are always very complicated with stars of this size, but they are certainly being discussed,” said a member of the Star Academy production. According to Voici, Celine had an appointment with the production today to discuss things.

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