Geert Dales – Jeroen Pauw, producer of Op1, praises the new product of Jeroen Pauw at Op1

Geert Dales – Jeroen Pauw, producer of Op1, praises the new product of Jeroen Pauw at Op1
Geert Dales – Jeroen Pauw, producer of Op1, praises the new product of Jeroen Pauw at Op1


‘We at WC duck recommend WC duck’. I saw this well-known slogan – a former advertising slogan of a cleaning agent manufacturer – that denounces false objectivity, hypocrisy and the disguised promotion of self-interest, which I saw permanently above the head of TV entrepreneur and presenter Jeroen Pauw when he appeared on Wednesday 7 September 2022 in the televisionprogramme On 1.

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Pauw has a television production company, TVBV. With this he produces, among other things, the talk show Op1. He himself was a presenter until some time ago. Such conflicts of interest are very common in public broadcasting. So it didn’t surprise me that nobody in that world cared about it. I was amazed by the servility with which the presenters on duty Charles Groenhuijsen and Carrie ten Napel of Omroep Max facilitated the incestuous performance of television veteran Pauw. Did they have no idea of ​​the dubiousness of that display or were they licking themselves because Pauw is a powerful figure that you better not have against you?

“Who’s willing to give up?”

TVBV has created a new product. It is called The Netherlands is full and goes beyond the limits of growth. A chewed-up theme that has been discussed hundreds of times from all sides. It will take some effort to attract an audience. So TVBV has to work to promote this trade. In Veronica Superguide Jeroen Pauw told about his new production. Economic growth cannot continue indefinitely. Prosperity is different from well-being. A country as small as the Netherlands has one of the busiest airports in the world. With all the consequences for the environment. Pauw had been shocked when he learned that the Netherlands has the most five-year-olds with asthma of all European countries. A direct consequence of Schiphol, according to Pauw. “Who’s willing to give up?”, he formulated the key point of his new docuseries. Good question, I thought, especially for someone who has four houses in three countries and who enjoys some fame as a grabber who does not turn his hand around to avoid losing salary with secret constructions.


To get the latest TVBV product programmed, a small call to BNNVARA’s intimates would have been enough. It is even more likely that TVBV and BNNVARA have a contractual supply and purchase obligation and that The Netherlands is full arising from that quota. After all, at the end of 2019 there was thunder between the broadcaster and Jeroen Pauw when BNNVARA refused to participate in a construction whereby the presenter of the then TV program Peacock wanted to escape the compulsory salary ceiling (the ‘Balkenende norm’) in the public sector. The trick was that Pauw would be rewarded at a ministerial level that was too meager in his eyes, but that BNNVARA would buy productions from TVBV for half a million euros annually. The BNR podcast Koster&VanDijk recently revealed the details of that business proposal.

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The deal fell through because the BNNVARA management smelled danger, but it had indeed been on the table. The matter is currently under investigation by the Media Authority. While her predecessor Shula Rijxman, now debuting D66 alderman in Amsterdam, preferred to keep the malodorous cesspools at the Media Park closed, her successor Frederieke Leeflang strives for more transparency. It’s about time.

Free promotion for TVBV

The program Peacock went defunct after the failed deal, but Jeroen didn’t have to bite the bullet. TVBV was commissioned by the NPO to produce the new talk show Op1, presented by duos from varying broadcasters, including BNNVARA. Given the history, it wouldn’t surprise me if the folds with Pauw’s house broadcasting were also smoothed out between nose and lips by making a separate deal. Real friends don’t let such a conflict continue. Anyway, The Netherlands is full will be shown on BNNVARA from September 11, the broadcaster from the left cocks and fills the right.

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The next step is to attract viewers. So do promotional work. This is not only important for BNNVARA, but also interesting for TVBV. A track record after all, with well-scoring productions is worth its weight in gold. A normal company has to put a lot of money on the table for such a promotion. TVBV not. Owner Jeroen Pauw simply joined a broadcast of the Op1 produced by himself. And there, unhampered by any critical question, got the chance to warmly recommend his toilet duck. Presenters Charles Groenhuijsen and Carrie ten Napel laughed incestuously along with Pauw’s silly jokes of the caliber ‘Yes, I fly too, I like to come along if the pilot is already planning to take off’. Hahahaha, what a nice self-relativity of the mischievous looking Jeroen, who also mentioned that he was childless, so he was entitled to some extra CO2 emissions. Hahaha, what a fun joke. The atmosphere was excellent. We know us in optimum forma. Who wants to feel some disgust come on


closed eyes

Had I been seated at that table, a completely different vessel would have been tapped. Not only would I have denounced those abhorrent links of interest and soggy incestuous manners, but I would also have liked to talk a little bit about the appalling hypocrisy of a man who chatters about the need to curb growth in all its facets, but meanwhile in owns two homes in Amsterdam, one in Spain and one in Curacao. Four homes in three countries, one of which is at a flying distance that is good for huge amounts of CO2 emissions. That is not ‘flying with a pilot who is already taking off’. That is making a significant contribution to the asthma of five-year-olds in the Netherlands. What the do-gooder, during his Op1 performance, constantly oring with the closed eyes of the seer, spoke so movingly about in Veronica Superguide.

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I would also have talked to Jeroen Pauw about his comment in Veronica Superguide that he found the fuss about his salary ‘quite irritating’. ‘Who is willing to surrender’ was the key question of the Netherlands is full? Well then!

Unfortunately I was not at that table. There were Charles Groenhuijsen and Carrie ten Napel. And roguish Jeroen, who occasionally bonded with the other diners. Ordinary citizens who had explained that they could no longer finance the daily household. Not the people who could give Pauw a taste of his own medicine. What a missed opportunity!

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