Schools concerned about rising energy prices, umbrellas note | News

Schools concerned about rising energy prices, umbrellas note | News
Schools concerned about rising energy prices, umbrellas note | News

Rising energy prices are also worrying schools, who fear that they will no longer be able to pay their energy bills. The educational umbrella organizations Catholic Education Flanders and the Community Education GO! notice that, which requires “adjusting operating resources to real inflation”.

In recent years, the impact of the rising energy bill for GO! schools has been relatively limited, because a large part of the purchase was made at a fixed rate. The GO! has a framework contract to which all its school groups have signed up and that has held back a large part of the price increase in recent years.

It is currently difficult for community education to estimate the impact of high energy prices on schools. What is certain is that they will have to spend a larger part of their operating resources on their energy bill. It concerns budgets that they normally use for the purchase of, for example, school materials or furniture.

The student should not be the victim of this, according to GO!. That is why the education provider asks the Flemish government to “adjust the operating resources to real inflation and to reverse the savings on the growing number of students”, according to Managing Director Koen Pelleriaux.

The GO! and Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen already sounded the alarm in March because they missed out on the energy agreement of the federal government. Catholic Education Flanders already established at that time that energy costs consume 15 percent of operating resources. In February, the umbrella organization of Catholic education calculated that rising energy prices meant an additional cost of 45 million euros for its schools in the 2021-2022 school year.

It is still too early for new figures. The question is how autumn and winter will evolve. The question of whether there will be further corona measures can also have an influence, especially if schools have to ventilate the classrooms again in the autumn and winter by opening the windows.

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